Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester in Malawi

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction



A 93-horsepower engine and a top speed of 2.1 meters per second give the DC-93 Kubota combine harvester the mobility to swiftly switch between paddy fields, increasing output. Having a wider reaping width (2.18 m) reduces the amount of time it takes to harvest and the amount of damage done to paddy fields, all while increasing the speed of operations and the working rate by around 20 percent. Due to its low ground pressure, the DC-93 is a great machine for rocky terrain. High-lug crawlers, which prevent slippage and sinking even on poorly-drained rice fields, allow harvesting to occur even in muddy areas. The DC-93 Kubota combine harvester can pick up and collect fallen rice from paddy fields.


Advantages of DC-93 in Malawi

In Malawi, DC-93 Kubota Combine harvesters are widely regarded as among the most dependable and trustworthy pieces of agricultural machinery available. The reason for this is that combine harvesters in Malawi are able to provide a high yield with low input costs. Customers who invest in a combine harvester have a good chance of reaping the benefits of the machine’s high levels of efficiency and accuracy in the short and long term. The DC-93 Kubota combine harvester’s exceptional mudflow is one of its primary selling points in Malawi. In this way, the combine harvester can stay level in paddy fields with inadequate drainage. This Kubota combine harvester may also be used to gather fallen rice panicles. These forces, working in concert, will prevent the combine from shifting, even on compacted soil.


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