Boom Sprayer

Boom Sprayer Specification
Operation Tractor – hydraulic and PTO driven
CAPACITY: 500l – 1000L
Nozzle type: Teejet/conical

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This farm implement is categorized under the banner of primary farm implements, provided with high-quality nozzles, responsible for splitting the herbicide to split apart into numerous smaller droplets to easily flourish in the nurturing fields of Malawi. With this farm implement, working on sites, the average cropping height that can be sprayed is approximately 66ft. In addition to herbicides, fertilizers can also be sprayed via it.


Basic Attributes

  • Multipurpose and skillful tractor attachment.
  • With very little input you get a high-caliber outcome.
  • Anti-reactive storage tank with excellent quality.
  • A virgin polyethylene tank, chemically resistant, can store fluids without any reaction from the inside.
  • Can spray on multiple crop varieties.
  • PTO drove a three-point universal linkage.


Secondary Attributes

  • It is compatible with farm tractors with 50 hp.
  • The total length is approximately 10 M.
  • The average tank storage availability includes 500 L, 600 L, 800L, and 1000 L.
  • Teej or conical is the nozzle type.


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