Kubota DC-35 Combine Harvester in Malawi

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-35
Horsepower: 33hp
Fuel Capacity: 60L
Grain Tank Capacity: 130 L
Ground Clearance: 300 mm
Body Weight: 3,150



The Kubota combine harvester DC-35 is a great option for smaller paddy fields due to its straightforward design and modest harvest angles. Due to this, it can rotate the harvesting head in a fast and effective manner. Because of technological advancements, harvesting is now possible even in restricted areas. This piece of agricultural machinery is distinguished by its rapid rotation, which is both efficient and effective, and by its narrow harvesting angles (turning). Its diminutive size allows the simultaneous transport of a greater volume of items. When pushing against the ground, the crawler experiences just a little amount of force due to its large size and lightweight.


Benefits of using the DC-35

The threshing and sorting capabilities of the DC-35 combine harvester are unparalleled. The standard air stream cleaning method ensures a steady stream of air through the filter box by keeping the air’s velocity constant. This method of employing the combine harvester significantly reduces the number of husks and other trash produced, even when dealing with exceptionally large quantities. The filter box of this Combine harvester is designed to swing out, making it simple to access the drill, screws, and fans for cleaning and maintenance. The Kubota combine harvester’s drill drum and feeder conveyor both include reversing mechanisms, so switching them around is a breeze in the event of a jam. If one of the two parts gets obstructed, this will assist. You may utilize this combine harvester in tight spaces, like rice fields, without worrying about it being damaged.


DC-35 at Tractors Malawi

Tractors Malawi may be able to help Malawian farmers who are looking for more modern agricultural machinery like the Kubota combine harvester. Our DC-35 combine harvesters, for example, and other products we offer for the agricultural industry are able to boost output due to their impeccable build quality and performance. Thanks to our quick service, you can easily get your hands on our wide variety of agricultural machinery.

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