Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger Specification
540 RPM PTO.
Auger sizes: 9” & 18”
Depth: 90cm (36”)

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For creating equal-sized holes, a unique yet crucial farm implement is used by Malawian farmers. The post-hole diggers most probably resemble a drill bit and can be mounted to compatible farm tractors. The holes created can be used for multiple purposes, including, signpost insertion, boundary creation, and plantation of saplings. The post-hole diggers available at our tractor dealers are of different sizes, depending upon the size of the digger the size of the hole can be selected.


Basic Attributes

  • Equal-sized holes are created.
  • Used frequently as mini carne.
  • Reasonable and operator friendly.
  • Drilled parts can be easily pulled out.
  • For sapling planting, signpost inserting, or creating boundaries, this type of digger is extensively used.
  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Verified by the rules and regulations of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Uniform holes of equal consistency.
  • Attachment to compatible farm tractors is easier.


Secondary Attributes

  • The available auger size is 9” & 18”.
  • It is compatible with farm tractors featuring 50 hp.
  • The average depth noted is 90 cm (36”).
  • The main accessories include grade while kit.
  • 170 Kg is the estimated weight of the tractor attachment.


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