Fodder Cutter

No. of Discs : 2 or 2
No. of Knifes : 6 or 6
Working Width : 1250 mm or 1650 mm
Tractor HP (PTO) :  540 rpm  or  540 rpm
Tractor HP  : Above 50 HP or  Above 50 HP
Weight  : 180 kg  or  375 kg

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A fodder cutter is an extremely useful piece of agricultural machinery. For a farmer, supervising flocks of cattle and livestock, you will find this type of farm implement abundantly in his inventory, since, it chops the feed precisely. This mechanical device is long-lasting and durable and with the resultant chopped feed, the farm animals can easily digest the feed, leaving behind no feed traces. Despite being chopped thoroughly, the feed retains its nourishing value. The fodder cutter available at our tractor dealer in Malawi is exclusively designed for those modern farmers, who are eager to find simpler ways of improving the quality of their chopped feed.


Basic Attributes

  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Precisely cuts straw, hay, etc. to be used as animal feed.
  • Reduces the feed cost.
  • Easy to maintain and operator friendly.
  • Affordable and greatly productive in the cultivated land.
  • Sharp yet long-lasting blades.
  • Multiple crops can be chopped down with this effective farm implement.
  • Improves feed quality, since the reduced feed can be easily engulfed and digested.


Secondary Attributes

  • The minimum recorded weight of this device is 375 Kg
  • The number of workable knives is 6.
  • The cutting discs are 2 in total.
  • It is compatible with farm tractors featuring 50 hp.


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