Potato Planter

Potato Planters Specification

Specification For 2 Rows
Power Requirement 50 hp & above
Seed Capacity 240 kg
Fertilizer Box 150 kg
Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 4 Nos.
Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 96 Nos. Cups

Specification For 4 Rows
Power Requirement 85 hp & above
Seed Capacity 600 kg
Fertilizer Box 300 kg
Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 8 Nos.
Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 192 Nos. Cups

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Planting potatoes was never easier than it is now, with potato planters of dynamic quality, which are exclusively available in the inventory of Tractors Malawi. With this exported farm implement for sale, farmers can sow tremendous potato seeds within the soil depths of Malawian fields. Because of their effectiveness, potato planters are used in commercial and large-scale farming too in addition to being used by small-scale farmers.


Basic Attributes

  • Affordable, multi-purpose, and durable farm implement.
  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Verified by the rules and regulations of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Seeds are sown in a row-like manner.
  • The spacing and depth of sowing potatoes can be adjusted.
  • Farmers can self-handedly operate, owing to a simpler structure.
  • It saves time, required no subsequent labor, and produces flawless results.


Secondary Attributes

  • The average sowing seed capacity is 240 Kg to 600 Kg.
  • It is compatible with farm tractors featuring 50 hp or above.
  • Distribution through silver aluminum at 4 no. to 8 no.
  • The seed-to-seed measurement is estimated to be 6 inches.
  • A distinctive 3-point linkage system.
  • The measurable line-to-line capacity obtained is 28 inches to 30 inches.


Tractors.MW is among the very few tractor dealers in Malawi, providing mechanized and cost-efficient farming solutions to Malawian farmers, in the form of export quality farm implements. This tractor dealer in Malawi has contributed greatly to the reformation of Malawian agriculture, ensuring farmers can get the most value from their hard-earned crops. Furthermore, for sustaining Malawian agriculture, our salespersons are being ordered to help you with further operative information, regarding your multiple farming operations.